Why Mulch?

  • Mulch holds moisture that plants need to grow and stay healthy. Moisture right mulch nourishes plants.
  • Mulch helps prevent weeds from growing. Weeds require sunlight to grow. A layer of a few inches of mulch stops sunlight from reaching weeds and greatly reduces the need for weeding.
  • Improves soil quality. Mulch breaks down adding nutrients to the soil.
  • Insulation from frost. Frost can freeze and snap roots killing off plants and trees in your landscape.
  • Decorative touch to your home.
  • Fragrance. Smells great. Nice if you entertain outdoors.
  • Mulch costs up to 5 time less than stone. Stone sucks moisture from your landscape.



  • Periodically through the year mulch beds should be raked to prevent excess compaction.
  • Compacted mulch keeps air, water and nutrients from reaching plant roots.



  • For beds adjacent to homes leave a strip of 6 inches between the mulch and foundation.
  • A ring of mulch around trees creates an area where grass doesn't grow which makes cutting the grass easier. Extend 3 to 6 feet depending on the spread of branches.
  • Leave a ring of 1 inch around the tree. It can lead to disease and tree decline.


When to Mulch

  • Anytime
  • Put it in place early enough that it blocks weeds from growing but wait until the soil has warmed and some of the moisture left from winter snow has dried.
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